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Walks in the nature and birdwatching: in front of Casa do Lago, Portugal Villa holidays 

walking promenade, nature holidays Portugal

Just a walk from the Portugal luxury villa; Casa do Lago!

flock of birds
The Obidos lagoon is a unique biotope, created by the relation between waters from the ocean and fresh water. 
The lagoon is huge and you can visit it walking around the banks and exploring the many paths (for the most part fully prepared, with bridges and observatories).
It is a wonderful idea for a picnic and nature's exploration with kids!
Obidos lagoon: bird watching paradise
You will be delighted discovering the many surprises of the Lagoon, a place where you can see an octopus near the trees of a wood or large groups of FLAMINGOS and many other kind of birds: it's true that the Lagoon is a bird-watching paradise!

Obidos lagoon long walking trail: gorgeous walks in the middle of a natural sanctuary under strict protection

promenade: active holidays in the nature

Walking Holidays: Extensive and beautiful promenade inside the natural asset of Obidos Lagoon

walking holidays Portugal: extensive promenade in a natural asset
Holidays in the nature, Portugal

It would a pleasant walk (or bike ride, at Casa do Lago (Portugal villa holidays) you will find bikes for all the family) with stops in the trees'shadow and eating the wild fruits you can find them (along with many aromatic wild herbs as mint, rosemary, thyme, chives...

An idea? An exploratory walk around the lagoon to collect herbs for a Lagoon-taste-dinner! It's proven: you will delight your kids...and your mouth too!

Casa do Lago villa to rent together with it's whole natural unspoiled and gorgeous environment is also the perfect idyllic place for yoga activities and relaxation in Portugal.

Wood bridge on the long walking trail in Obidos Lagoon, a protected fragile ecosystem

Bridge of the walking nature activity holidays, Portugal
sandbanks: perfect for bird-watching holidays in portugal

Book now Casa do Lago, to visit Caldas da Rainha too!

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