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Portugal beach holidays for vegetarians or vegans?

vegan vegetarian market in Caldas da Rainha

Local farmers daily fruit market in the city of Caldas da Rainha, near Casa do Lago, villa holidays vegan / vegetarian.

eco friendly water heating system at casa do lago holiday villa

Your veg holiday could easily happen at Casa do Lago on the Silver Coast. 

You will be able to easily find vegetarian and vegan specific food (tofu, seitan, soy and rice milk, etc) on the main supermarkets.

Portugal vegan vegetarian holidays
portugal holidays, vegan vegetarian

The town of Caldas da Rainha is famous in all Portugal for being the only one town with a daily (Sunday too) farmer's market (veggie only), where you can find fresh fruit and vegetables from the region and Portugal.

The Holiday Villa Casa do Lago produces part of it's own electricity

Solar panels on the roof of the villa,  to produce some of the villa own electricity.

Vegan symbol
eco friendly pool villa in Portugal

Solar panels, to help the heating system of the big pool,

to boost the water temperature

In the area there are various high quality restaurants which offer also vegetarian and vegan dishes, as you can read on TripAdvisor

" I discovered that the Silver Coast is naturally veg-friendly, since you are able to find vegan food easily on supermarkets too! And in Caldas you have a great veggie market every day!"  

Andrea, Italy

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