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Stay at Casa do Lago holiday villa to visit the Monastery of Saint Mary of Victory (or Monastery of Batalha)

The Monastery of Batalha, Silver Coast, Portugal

The monastery construction began in 1386 to keep King Dom Joao vow to the Virgin Mary, in the Battle of Aljubarrota

Masterpiece detail of the Monastery

beautiful stained glass pictures built during the medieval age

Gorgeous fountain in the Monastery
Medieval stained glass in the Monastery
cloisters in the monastery of batalha at 25 minutes away from casa do lago holiday villa

Tomb of King Joao and the English Noble Lady

Philippa of Lancaster, whose sons began the adventure of maritime discoveries 

Tomb of the King Joao and the Queen Philippa of Lancaster

This masterpiece of Portuguese Gothic combines several influences as a result of its lengthy period of construction.

beautiful detail of some domes in the batalha monastery, a masterpiece of medieval architecture

On 14 August 1385, at a short distance from the Monastery at Batalha, the decisive battle of Aljubarrota took place. With a small army, D. Joao, the future King of Portugal has defeated a huge Castilian army.  This amazing victory brought an end to the claims of the King of Castile over to the throne of Portugal and has allowed the Portuguese King’s marriage with the English Noble Philippa of Lancaster, starting a new very important dynasty. In fact D. Henry, their son has launched Portugal in the overseas discoveries adventure, starting a new era in world’s history.

Detail of King Joao and Queen Philippa holding hands in their tomb

Detail of King Joao and Queen Philippa holding hands for the eternity

Founders of the Monastery: King Joao and the English Lady Philippa of Lancaster, whose sons launched Europe in the new era

of discoveries and globalization 

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