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The Monastery of Alcobaca, remembering the tragic love story of Pedro and Ines

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A few centuries before Shakespeare wrote Romeo and Juliet, a true story of forbidden love has happened involving tragedy, haunting and revenge.

Lived in medieval times, the amazing love story of King Pedro and Ines is still remembered as the most tragic and beautiful romance that has ever existed!

Dona Constanca, a noble Castilian, is elected as the wife of D. Pedro, son of the King D. Afonso IV . Among D. Constanca ladies-in-waiting has travelled from Castille Dona Ines de Castro, Constanca’s close friend.

Immediately the Court was astonished by Ines de Castro’s magnificent beauty.  Already married with Dona Constanca, D. Pedro started to live an intense adulterer romance with Ines.

Meanwhile Dona Constanca, Dom Pedro’s wife, died giving birth. Suddenly widowed, D. Pedro the crown’s heir lawful marries Inês, even knowing that King Afonso would never accept that. The two moved to Coimbra and had there a few children.

Tomb of Pedro and Ines, the famous medieval lovers

The true, tragic and beautiful medieval romance of Pedro and Ines 

The image of the bastard children taking the crown from the legitimate heir, son of Dom Pedro and the deceased Dona Constanca, as well as the fear of Ines brother’s influence in D. Pedro, were just  intolerable to the King moving him to order Ines’ death. Three men murdered Ines by stabbing her in front of her children, whilst she was begging her killers for mercy.

As D. Pedro left incredible anger and devastated, his mother made him to promise not to start a war with his father, the King. As soon as the King dies and Dom Pedro was named King, he haunts and arrested the killers.

Pedro’s biggest wish was to have revenge for Inês death. Using his own bare hands, Dom Pedro ripped the assassin hearts out of their chest and back.

After exhuming his lover’s body and dressed it in the best clothes, D. Pedro has named Ines as the Queen of Portugal. After crown and putting her in the throne, made the nobility kiss her deceased wife’s hand.

Medieval Chapter Room in the Monastery of Alcobaca

The Alcobaca Monastery is where the lovers king Pedro and Ines de Castro rest for the eternity in their tombs.

medieval church in the monastery of Alcobaca

The building of the Monastery of Alcobaca has started in 1173 by the Order of Cistercians, to accomplish the vow made by the King D. Afonso Henriques during the reconquest of Santarem, from the Moors.

With its architecture project modelled back on 1153, on the Cistercians Order headquarters in France, the Monastery of Alcobaca is an important monument classified by UNESCO as a World Heritage site.

detail of the monastery at Alcobaca

Located in a fertile region, Alcobaca owes its development to the local Cistercian monasteries and convents.

Besides all other traditional activities, the local cuisine and confectionery have been strongly influenced by the monks and nuns.

Among the number of reasons to visit Alcobaca, there is no doubt that an excellent one, is to taste the famous local confectionery, which tastes and recipes origins go back to the time of the monks. 

More information about Alcobaca:  Official website of the Alcobaca Monastery​, World Heritage by UNESCO

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