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Enclosed gardens and gym for your luxury family holidays

ids friendly villa: enclosed garden

The villa and it's gardens are all enclosed by a fence measuring around 1,80 meters high

disabled friendly promenade in this villa holidays Portugal
This wheelchair accessible garden is located at the lower level of this Portugal luxury villa, which also has extensive gardens in the two other levels.
wheelchair accessible garden
Uninterrupted views from everywhere you look
Garden detail at Casa do Lago Villa
hammocks in the garden of this family holidays villa Portugal

Hammocks on both sides of this luxury villa in Portugal

garden gym with 3 equipment

For the more adventurous, there are three gym equipment available!

beautiful, enclosed and panoramic gardens

 The garden has amazing uninterrupted views to the Obidos lagoon and the ocean, is all enclosed, fitted with mature olive trees, colorful bougainvillea and other flowers, which makes this space into a very romantic and beautiful area of the villa Casa do Lago.

There are five park benches and a walkway all along this beautiful garden, from where you can enjoy the wonderful views, as for instance reading a book. 

As it is illuminated, you can also profit from this amazing garden at night!

Back yard fence and garden of the Holiday Villa Casa do Lago.

Crazy Golf facility

" This property and location is by far better than any of the properties we have stayed at in the south of Portugal, and the Caribbean. The kids keep asking "When are we going back dad?""


A family from Canada

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back yard garden fence measuring 2 meter high
At the holidays villa's mid level, between the playground and the private pool, sits the pond. The pond has small fountains, multicoloured fishes, lilies and a few other water plants. While it may not serve an exact purpose, it is certainly a soothing sight.
A peaceful garden, hammocks... and a pond - what more could you need to feel at peace?
Pond at the luxury villa for families portugal
Large and beautiful pond with 25 cm deep 
Pond area view at this family friendly villa to rent

Everything for luxury family holidays leisure;

Villa with fenced pool, playground, wheelchair accessibility,

 barbecue and much more! 

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