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Caldas da Rainha, Silver Coast: city of arts, healing waters and great beach holidays

At 5 miles from Casa do Lago, Portugal luxury villa:

Silver Coast holidays: street view

Caldas da Rainha is the municipality (50.000 inhabitants) next to the villa Casa do Lago.

It's city of arts and wellness with a young population of artists thanks to the Upper School of Arts and Design. 

vegan vegetarian holidays Portugal
"Art Noveau" Caldas da Rainha, Portugal holidays

  Famous traditional pottery, often used for social criticism or as weird erotic pieces

Local pottery: Caldas da Rainha, Silver Coast

In Caldas da Rainha you will find the only veggies market in Portugal that is open every day, all year long!

Besides that there are plenty of restaurants for every taste (traditional, Italian, veg, Indian, etc), cinemas, a cultural and art centre (the CCC) and obviously many traditional cafes and bars.

Monument in Caldas da Rainha

  Medieval Church, an example of Manuelino Style construction 

The particularity of Caldas da Rainha is that it is built around a central park with a small lake and its history linked to thermal waters: in fact, the city was founded by Queen Leonor in 14th century because of the therapeutic hot springs in the area.

Holidays in Portugal, Caldas Rainha
picturesque green tunnel at D. Carlos Park

 The small and beautiful city has nine museums (including the Museum of Sao Rafael dedicated to the famous Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro).

Park in Caldas da Rainha, Portugal
In the park, Caldas da Rainha

 D. Carlos Park in Caldas da Rainha; museums, children playgrounds, large ponds, centenary trees, aquatic birds can be found in this park.

Book now Casa do Lago, to visit Caldas da Rainha too!

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