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Obidos: open air museum, medieval and literary town, beaches, golf holidays Portugal

Discover one of the most beautiful medieval villages in Europe

Obidos medieval town in Portugal
Medieval fair at Obidos.
Revival of middle age scenery for two weeks.
Obidos, literary town
Obidos: important literary festival and book store
Obidos medieval fair, medieval town in Portugal
Impressive Holy Week Procession Celebration
at Obidos 
Holy week Celebrations at Obidos
 Obidos, voted as one of Portugal's 7 Gems
At just 16 minutes (8 miles) drive from Casa do Lago, Portugal luxury villa:
Obidos Detail: Silver Coast Portugal
Obidos: the real Portuguese architecture
Obidos detail, Silver Coast, Portugal
Houses in Obidos, Silver Coast, Portugal
a village of white houses inside a medieval castle where time seems to stand still

Obidos hosts some important events during the year, as the Medieval Market (July), the Chocolate Festival (March - April), the Villa Natal (Xmas town hold in the castle) and the official "literary town" festival with a book store. Every 300 inhabitants (!) of the village actively participate in many other literary (and art) initiatives all over the year.

Staying at Casa do Lago, Portugal villa to rent, you can reach Obidos in some 10 - 14 minutes driving and have a pure medieval-day in its streets, pubs and restaurants.

And please, do not forget to taste "Ginja de Obidos" the local traditional liqueur in a chocolate cup.

Traditional houses in Obidos
the castle of obidos
Attending a market in the Castle of Obidos 
Part of the medieval village of Obidos, Portugal
Obidos: a gem back in time, golf holidays, white sandy beaches Portugal

The name Obidos comes from Latin "Oppidum" (for "citadel") and the town's origins date back to the 1st century BC and possibly, it was before of those times a Phoenician and then Celt settlement.

After the fall of the Roman Empire, Obidos was occupied and modified by the Visigoths, the Moors and finally was conquered by the first King of Portugal, Afonso Henriques, in 1148, becoming one of the favourite towns of Portugal's Queens, thus gaining the informal name of Town of the Queens.

Due to her beauty, originality and history, Obidos is today home for many expatriates from UK, Holland, France, etc.: it can be defined a small international town indeed!

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