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Peniche: sea, surf spot, beaches, tradition, UNESCO natural reserve,

surf curl Portugal and one official dogs beach

Peniche beach: Supertubos

The vast white sandy beach of Supertubos at Peniche.

Famous paradise for surfers.

Peniche fishing town

Peniche fishing town, excellent restaurants, vast beaches

Detail of the fortress in Peniche, Portugal
Peniche: perspective of the town
Peniche detail, Silver Coast, Portugal

Peniche originally was an island, then connected to the land by the geological forces of the Silver Coast: this origin is in the DNA of Peniche, a really genuine sea-city!

Peniche is history, great beaches, excellent restaurants and a surf paradise. From here you can take the boat to the Berlengas Islands natural reserve (UNESCO), a really unique possibility also to do camping in a natural reserve (booking in advance because the access is limited).

If you decide to visit the Berlengas, you and your kids will love the island and its pure nature, the ancient fort,  the lighthouse, the small boat tours and the mini beaches!

The city of Peniche is the cradle of the, still active, ancient bobbin lace tradition:  you will find great masterpieces in Peniche and be able to do workshops too.

Local museums:  "Santa Casa Misericordia", Fortress museum

The UNESCO Natural Reserve of Berlenga island:

In a 30 minutes drive from Casa do Lago, Portugal villa to rent, you will be in Peniche and we suggest to book one night in the Berlengas Islands natural reserve, to spend some three wonderful days, exploring the historic heritage of Peniche and the natural wonders of the islands. We can assist our guests in all the bookings and planning, just ask us!

beach detail in Berlenga, Portugal
beach detail in Berlenga Island
Fortress in Berlenga Island
Detail of Berlenga, Silver Coast, Portugal
The unspoiled beach in Berlenga Island

© João Andrade Albuquerque

The clear waters beach in Berlenga Island
Beach at Berlenga Island

The Berlenga Island is just 10 km offshore from Peniche.

It seems an island transported magically from the fiords to the warmer climate.

In the summer the sea is calm, crystal clear and perfect for diving.

The only people allowed to live on Berlenga are a few fishermen, as the whole island has been classified a NATURAL RESERVE, being the home of thousand upon thousands of sea birds. Paths are marked  and guardians watch out for visitors not to pass into the prohibited areas and disturbing the sea birds.

Some opinions from TripAdvisor:

My adult daughter and I visited Berlengas Island for an entire day trip. It was, hands down, the MOST beautiful tour I have ever been on! The explanation of the day, the rich history, and time to spend relaxing made this the perfect 10! I will recommend going in the glass bottom boat, as you see the fish and caves...

The archipelago of Berlengas on a sunny day and one of the most charming places I've ever been. Located 40 minutes from Peniche boat is a perfect place to spend the day or 4 to 5 hours as most tour do. It has two restaurants on the island. And an ideal place to rent a kayak and explore the island's.

(Peniche fortress) My 2 year old son loved he little Cove beneath the fortress. He went adventuring through rock formations and little caves whilst I explored the tunnel. There is also a lovely promenade part the harbour to a lighthouse. Wonderfully clean, makes excellent backdrop for your holiday snaps good for all ages and history fans.

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