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For your Portugal villa holidays, explore the still unspoiled Silver Coast 

Obidos medieval festival, Portugal
white sandy beach at Foz do Arelho
Surf activity near the villa Casa do Lago
Golf in Praia Del Rey, Silver Coast, Portugal
Berlengas natural reserve by UNESCO
 Fantastic white sandy beaches, historic places, friendly people,
local cuisine, culture and much more!

Casa do Lago, Portugal villa to rent is an excellent point from where to explore the fantastic Silver Coast with plenty of interesting places to visit and things to do. Horse riding, water sports for children and adults, karting and tennis, are just some of the activities available for you.

Just minutes away you have: sunny beaches, challenging golf courses, historic towns, wonder natural caves interesting museums, the gorgeous Dinosaur Park, the Wine Route, superb restaurants... enjoy our pleasant weather, discover our culture, and delight yourself with wines, seafood and Portuguese cuisine and confectionery.

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Kite surf paradise 
Kite Camp in Foz do Arelho, Portugal
Dino Park, the biggest theme park in Portugal

        Historical and notable towns nearby Casa do Lago Villa:

        (20 kms radium)


Sailing on Obidos Lagoon
kite surfing paradise at Foz do Arelho
Sao Martinho do Porto beach
Detail of the medieval village of Obidos, Silver Coast, Portugal
Foz do Arelho: large, tranquil beach
Caldas da Rainha daily fruit market
Nazare beach viewed from the Promontory

This villa for luxury holidays is set at a privileged location on Portugal's Silver Coast, overlooking the natural asset of Obidos lagoon and the sea. The whole Portugal villa faces the Sun and there are many areas where you can sunbath, but you can also go to the nearby beaches.

While some beaches are excellent for surfing, others have calm waters and are suitable for children.

In the villa surroundings there are plenty of places to go, all of them just minutes away, like the amusing Praia D'El Rey golf course, the historical Obidos medieval village or the soothing Buddha Eden Garden, just to mention a few.

​   Biggest regional events:

Map of the Silver Coast, Portugal

Here are a few useful distances within a radius from Casa do Lago:

  • 2 Km (less that 1,5 miles) to Foz do Arelho beach (3 minutes)

  • 18 Km (11 miles) to Obidos village (19 minutes)

  • 29 Km (19 miles) to the Buddha Eden Garden (26 minutes)

  • 35 Km (22 miles)to Praia d'El Rey golf course (37 minutes)

  • 39 Km (24 miles) to Peniche world-renowned surf spots (33 minutes)

  • 95 Km (59 miles) to Lisbon airport (1 hour)

  • 251 Km (156 miles) to Porto airport (2,5 hours)

  • 369 Km (229 miles) to Faro airport (3,5 hours)

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