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The best Silver Coast beaches around Casa do Lago: luxury villa holidays 

Portugal, Silver Coast vast beaches
large white sandy beach, portugal

on a 30 minute drive radius from Casa do Lago, family friendly holidays:

The Silver Coast (the photo here above explains the name...) of Portugal is home to some unique beaches, each one different and with a definite identity.

There are beaches suitable for kids, for hard-liner surfers, for families and even for people looking for therapeutic air with a unique percentage of iodine.

Everyone of the following beaches is so near to Casa do Lago, villa holidays, that would be a pity not to enjoy every one of them!

FOZ DO ARELHO: full details 

Lifeguard beach of Foz do Arelho

 Located in front of the holiday villa

Casa do Lago

 The beautiful and extensive beach of

Foz do Arelho

beach - FOZ DO ARELHO, Portugal

Foz do Arelho is the beach of the Portugal luxury villa "Casa do Lago" and is the best beach for kids, since you can choose the Ocean or the adjacent salt waters lagoon. Besides that, along the beach there are plenty of restaurants and bars for every taste and style.

Foz do Arelho vast beach

 Extensive beach located in front of the holiday villa Casa do Lago

Unique, unspoiled, vast and beautiful beach in Foz do Arelho, Silver Coast, Portugal

small boats in the beach of Foz do Arelho

SAO MARTINHO DO PORTO : full details

view of Sao Martinho do Porto, Silver Coast
Extensive beach of Sao Martinho do Porto, Portugal

 At a short distance from the holiday villa 

    Casa do Lago

 Calm waters bay, perfect beach for kids and toddlers, SAO MARTINHO DO PORTO, Portugal

The beach of Sao Martinho do Porto is on a unique enclosed shell-shaped bay and at its south side there are great natural sand dunes, often used as sandy slides for child and adults to ski.

The town is lively at day and night, with many restaurants, cafes and shops. 

BALEAL BEACH: more details 

Baleal north beach, Portugal

North beach in Baleal, a paradise for surfers

The calm waters South Beach of Baleal, perfect for family holidays in Portugal

South Beach: Baleal, Silver Coast,Portugal

           The fishing village of Baleal, located on a former island,

connected to shore by a road in the middle of two fantastic beaches. 

Baleal beach, Silver Coast, Portugal

Baleal,  just 2 miles from Peniche, is a big sandy beach, loved by families (south beach) and surfers (north beach) too. It has full and complete services.

The village of Baleal is located in an isthmus linked to the continent through a road in the middle of a sandy beach.


The beach of Praia da Consolacao
Praia da Consolacao, Peniche

Consolacao beach is famous for its air since it has  excellent therapeutic properties thanks to iodine, thus attracting many people (and with kids too, for their health).  The south part is quite rocky and the northern one expands in a large sand beach, heading towards Peniche.


Nazareth folk traditions, Portugal
beach holidays in Portugal, Nazareth
Nazareth: beach holidays in Portugal

In Nazareth you can combine beach with food and culture, since the small historical centre of the town is a must-see place (and there is a funicular railway to get there: kids will adore!)

Nazareth: Portugal beach holidays

The long beach of Nazareth develops directly in front of the town, providing you easy access to bars, cafes, restaurants and all the town's services.

Nazareth extreme surf, Portugal

 Nazareth is famous worldwide thanks to the giant waves in Praia do Norte, that attract the biggest pro surfers but, it is not only extreme surfing!

Sanctuary of Our Lady of Nazareth, Silver Coast, Portugal

Kathleen from Canada on TripAdvisor said: "This is one (among many) beautiful beach I have seen on the western side of Portugal ... miles and miles of fine sand with clear waters. When my friends and I visited recently, the beaches were not overly crowded. Many seafood restaurants and cafes can be found across the road from the beach. "


Book now Casa do Lago, to enjoy the best beaches of the Silver Coast!

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