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Many perfect surf beaches and schools, plus Nazareth giant wave and Peniche's Supertubos Beach, just some minutes drive from Casa do Lago, Portugal luxury villa

Surfer Silhouette

Surf in the Silver Coast and plenty of water sport activities for all, stay at Casa do Lago luxury villa holidays:

There are various opportunities (and schools) for the surfing-lovers in Foz do Arelho and Peniche area, which is a paradise for those who want to learn surfing or like to surf in calmer waters: in Peniche in fact there are various surf beaches and many schools .

Foz do Arelho is a great place for wind surfing and kite-surfing (on the lagoon side) and for the beginners


Every kind of surfing desire could be satisfied in the surroundings of Casa do Lago:


BEGINNERS: Peniche and Foz do Arelho surf schools and camps

SURF LOVER: Peniche, Foz do Arelho

KITE SURF: Foz do Arelho

PRO SURF: Supertubos beach (Praia do Medao, Peniche)

EXTREME surf: Nazareth (December/January)

plenty of local surf schools

surfing holidays portugal in peniche
windsurfers going to the water

Wind Surf School in Foz do Arelho, Silver Coast of Portugal, among the best places to surf in Europe and the perfect spot for surf beginners.

local scuba diving school

scuba diving school, Portugal
Water sport activities for families

Canoeing in Foz do Arelho, Silver Coast of Portugal, the ideal place for all ages to enjoy water sport activities

If on the north of Casa do Lago you have Nazareth, on the south (about 30 minutes drive too) you have the Supertubos beach (Beach of Medao, Peniche - 39°20'18"N 9°21'54"W ), possibly the best Supertubos spot in Europe!

Supertubos beach at Peniche

The small town of Nazareth in Portugal's Silver Coast, became famous worldwide when Garrett McNamara surfed a monster wave 30 (yes, thirty) meters high in 2013.

As for Wikipedia and the Guinness World Record: "...breaking the world record for largest wave ever surfed, at Praia do Norte (North Beach) at Nazareth, Portugal", although the Nazareth South beach has normal waves. This is unique world's very localized phenomenon, to just one beach. 


Even if you are not willing to surf (and to surf a 30 meters high wave...), the giant waves of Praia do Norte (North Beach) at Nazareth are an astonishing view on their own: definitely, they deserve a visit (at is is 30 minutes drive from  Casa do Lago). The giant waves occur only between 15 November 31 January and only in Praia do Norte.

surf lesson on the beach of Foz do Arelho
surf lesson on the beach

Within 3 minutes from Casa do Lago Holiday Villa, the following water sport activities are available and very popular (lessons available, if required):​

  • Stand up paddle

  • Canoeing

  • Sky / wakeboard

  • Catamaran

  • Kitesurf 

  • Windsurf

  • Optimist 

  • Fishing 

Scuba diving activity available at the nearby natural reserve of Berlenga Island, by Aqua Sub Oeste  or Haliotis Diving Centre

A Paradise for kite surfers, at a few minutes from Casa do Lago Holiday Villa:

Kite surfing in Foz do Arelho beach

Local Surf Events:

Big Wave Tour Challenge

Book now Casa do Lago, for your surfing holidays!

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