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Discover one of the biggest Dinosaur Theme Park of Europe, while enjoying your family villa holidays in Portugal

Wheelchair friendly open air museum, located at Lourinhã, Silver Coast

Baby Herbivorous Dinosaur
Giant Flying Dinosaur, a bird ancestor
Giant Dinosaur recreation at Dino Park, Lourinhã, Portugal
Dinosaur Theme Park, are 10 hectares plenty of real historical interest.
Just imagine being able to travel back in time over 300 million years ago…
at Dino Park that is possible!
Stay at the holiday villa Casa do Lago, to visit the Dino Park at Lourinhã and give to your family and kids
the memorable experience of visiting the open air big museum of the Dinosaur Park, located at the Silver Coast of Portugal

Lourinha, at the Silver Coast of Portugal, is not only located in the highest fossil-rich Portuguese region of the Upper Jurassic,

although is being part of the 20 richest regions in the world for 150 million year old finds.

Amphibian Dinosaur Sculpture in a pond among pine trees
At Dino Park there are four different thematic paths representing different epochs of the Earth 
  • Paleozoic
  • Triassic
  • Jurassic
  • Cretaceous
Giant ancestor of Crocodiles
Giant bird ancestor

Hidden between the paths and the tree trunks are scattered over 120 models of life-size dinosaurs and other ancestor animals.

The largest one is 23 meters high!

Mouth of Crocodile Ancestor


The collection of pale-ontological discoveries that was housed for years in the Lourinhã Museum is now exhibited at Dino Park.

This made possible for visitors to see many important fossils, to learn about science discoveries, curiosities and even recognize egg nests from dinosaur embryos that were found in the cliffs of Lourinhã.

Did you know that the nest is one of the hardest traces to preserve and one of the rarest fossil finds?

Giant herbivorous Dinosaur


the size difference between the lady in the picture and the life-size dinosaur model

Extra activities and visits available in the Dino Park:

  • Museum, with traces and fossils found in Lourinhã

  • Laboratory with live fossil work.

  • Playground for kids

  • Picnic Tables

  • Shop and restaurant

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