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Fatima: a World's Holy Place

Fatima, Virgin Mary Celebrations

The three little shepherds of Fatima

The three children of Fatima

During the difficult times of the First World War, the three children shepherds of Fatima have reported Our Lady of Fátima apparitions, this way originating huge pilgrimages to the local and turning it to a world's important centre of the Virgin Mary cult.

Impressive: Two weeks before the main celebrations, all the roads leading to Fatima, are literally all day and for long distances, clogged with pilgrims walking for days or even weeks.

Walking pilgrimage to Fatima
Fatima is at 50 miles from Casa do Lago, Portugal villa to rent:

Fatima is known worldwide for the Shrine of the Holy Virgin and for the miracles recognized by the Catholic Church of Rome and is visited by thousands and thousands of pilgrims every year (you can see these large multitudes walking on the roads to Fatima.)

Even for the non religious or followers of other faiths, Fatima is worth a visit for the atmosphere of the Sanctuary and its historical importance.

Fatima is also home of caves and dinosaurs! 

Fatima is not only related to religion, it is also an interesting place for the lovers of nature and paleontology: in fact near Fatima there are some astonishing caverns that you can visit in total relax (with children too) and one of the few places in the world where you can see dinosaurs' footsteps, fossilized in open air!

Casa do Lago, among the best family villas in Portugal, is the ideal base to visit not only Fatima, but also many other interesting places of the centre of Portugal, as for instance the nearby places to Fatima:  Templar city of Tomar and the medieval village of Ourem

At a few minutes from Fatima: the striking natural wonder of several caves:
The medieval town of Ourem, at just 10 minutes from Fatima:
Underground lake in Mira de Aire caves

Caves in Mira de Aire, Fatima region: an impressive underground natural wonder, built by water during millions of years.

Medieval town of Ourem

Aerial view of the medieval town of Ourem, at a short distance from Fatima and at one hour from Casa do Lago, the Portugal family holiday villa.

Unspoiled Portugal: dinosaur footprint monument at 10 minutes from Fatima:

The Templar town of Tomar, at 20 minutes from Fatima:

Near the Sanctuary of Fatima, in Portugal, and buried in a layer of rock to the depth of 30 meters, have been discovered more than two hundred dinosaur footprints and all this at just 1 hour from Casa do Lago villa holidays in Portugal

Fatima: Dinosaur footprints

At least 15 tracks can be found, from which two of them measure more than 140 meters long. The 90 footprints of the longest track are very well preserved, seeming - as the animals have just passed !

Tomar, Templar hexagonal crypt

Convento de Cristo: Templar headquarters, at 90 minutes from Casa do Lago Family holiday villa

"Charola" of Convento de Cristo in Tomar

Interior of the Templar Hexagonal Crypt (Charola) in the "Convento de Cristo" of Tomar, the hearth of Templar power in Portugal

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