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Umbrela Street Festival in Portugal.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

People's imagination has no limits! Next event: 4 -26 July 2020, Save the dates!!!

Street at Agueda during the local Umbrela festival
Street at Agueda during the Umbrela festival

A colorful Street Umbrela Festival for 3 weeks of music and entertainment, holding in July, in Agueda, Portugal, is a great opportunity for locals to enjoy.

Named "AgitAgueda" it is an inclusive festival with some of the concerts broadcasted in Portuguese sign language. The most prestigious national and international bands use to pass on the stage AgitAgueda.

Street decorated by colourful umbrelas, attending the umbrela festival
The colourful Umbrela Festival at Agueda

We want everyone to enjoy the event and we have been working year after year to create the conditions for this to happen. I am sure with everyone's commitment , from the organization to partners, bars, associations, etc., the AgitAgueda is a success "said Edson Santos, Vice-President of the local municipality.

Throughout the event, various street animation initiatives uses to take place throughout the city, such as Creatures of the Water - Body Painting, the Meeting of Statue Men, Carnival Out of Time and Camouflage Painting.

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