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Handicraft Tiles, a Portuguese Tradition.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

With Arab origins, the art of tiles handicraft, in its enormous diversity, is widely disseminated in Portugal.

Information on Wikipedia about Azulejo (tiles)

Stay in Casa do Lago to visit the Beautiful tyles in Sao Bento Railway Station
Tyles in Sao Bento railway station, Portugal

Stay at the villa Casa do Lago to discover the art of tyles in Portugal
Tyles in a Portuguese Church

The originality of the use of the Portuguese tile and the dialogue established with the other arts, will make it unique in the world. In the National Tile Museum, there are panels that testify to the evolution and monumentality of this piece of decorative ceramics that adapts to the needs and accompanies the styles of the different epochs.

have holidays in portugal to discover the tyles art in portugal
Hand Painted Tyles art in a Portuguese Church

Stay at Casa do Lago to visit and learn about Portuguese tyles (azulejos) as well as other traditions.

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