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Portugal considered, once more, the most peaceful country in the European Union.

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

One beach in Sao Martinho round shell bay
The beach at Salir, Portugal

The world is an increasingly less peaceful place according to a diagnosis by the Institute for Economics and Peace, which for 12 years has analyzed various international indicators. In the last year, the situation has deteriorated in most of the 163 countries analyzed. The trend has been going on for years and Covid-19 has made it worse.

Classical conflicts have eased - not least because the restrictions imposed by the pandemic have momentarily removed people from the streets - but the Global Peace Index says that uncertainty has triggered new tensions.

According to the June 2020 report: Global Peace Index 2020 Briefing, by the Institute for Economics and Peace:

Portugal is considered the most peaceful country in the European Union. It is in third place in the world ranking led by Iceland.

In the rest of the European Union countries, France is the worst performer. Faced with weekly demonstrations of yellow vests, the executive of Emmanuel Macron was unable to counter the lack of security on the streets.

But at the bottom of the table, there are not only the most obvious countries: the Eurasia region has improved in security indicators, but it has worsened in terms of militarization of the terrain. Turkey and Russia are today exponents of the lack of peace. They even perform worse than Venezuela, the only country on the American continent in the so-called red zone.

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