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Quinta da Regaleira, a very surprising and enigmatic monument at Sintra, Portugal

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Quinta da Regaleira is an historic palace, full of mistery, located near the center of Sintra, Portugal. It is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

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The mystic Palace of Quinta da Regaleira, in Sintra, Portugal

As a representation of the cosmos, the garden is revealed here by the succession of places of magic and mystery. The demand of paradise is embodied in coexistence with an infernal worlds - a dantesque subterranean world - to which the neophyte would be led by Ariadne's wire of initiation. It takes place between the various scenarios and the representation of an initiatory journey, which is vera peregrinatio mundi, through a symbolic garden where we can feel the Harmony of the Spheres and examine the alignment of an ascetic consciousness in analogy with the demand of the Being that emerges of the great epics.

In these domains we can see references to Mythology, Olympus, Virgil, Dante, Milton, Camoes, the Templar mission of the Order of Christ, great mystics and thaumaturges, the enigmas of the Royal Art, the Magna Alchemical Work.

This symphony of stone - carved by the hands of Temple builders imbued with a true Tradition spirit - reveals a poetic and prophetic dimension.

The inverted tower of the imressive initiation well, at Quinta da Regaleira

The impressive Initiation Well is an inverted tower that sinks about 27 meters deep into the earth, with access through a monumental spiral staircase. It is configured as a space of consecration, of hermetic and alchemical connotations, where the relationship between Earth and Heaven intensifies.

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