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Ginja de Obidos: going to Portugal and not to taste this liquor is an unforgivable sin!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Served in a chocolate cup or not and also called "Ginjinha de Obidos", it is much more than just a traditional Portuguese liquor. It is a National symbol!

It is believed that the recipe of this liquor goes back to the XVII century. By then friars, got Conventual income by taking advantage of the large quantities of cherry fruit existing in the region, performing the refinement of the liquor now known. The formula was gradually diffused, passing the liquor to be made at the familiar level by locals, proud to present illustrious guests with the best of sour cherries. More or less alcoholic, sweet or acidic, the ginja is a brand of the western region of Portugal.

Stay at Casa do Lago to taste the Ginja of Obidos
Ginja of Obidos served with Cheeries

The liquor has a strong flavor, intensely fragrant with the sweet and sour cherry. Dark red, the liquor has two distinct varieties: simple liqueur "without them (sem elas)" and liqueur with cherries inside "with them (com elas)", sometimes flavored with vanilla or a cinnamon stick.

typical Ginja liquor store tent in Obidos, near the villa Casa do Lago
typical Ginja liquor store tent

Bottle of "Ginja de Obidos" with the typical chocolate cup, traditional from Obidos, near Casa do Lago
Bottle of "Ginja de Obidos" with the typical chocolate cup

Go to Obidos to taste the traditional liquor served in a chocolate cup
Traditional chocolate cup, used locally to serve the Ginja of Obidos

Stay at the holiday villa Casa do Lago to profit from a visit to the Silver Coast of Portugal and taste locally the "Ginja de Obidos"

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