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Portugal dos Pequenitos, the Portuguese architecture presented into a doll houses village

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Portuguese monuments represented in doll houses
Kids village representing Portuguese traditional houses and a few monuments

Portuguese architecture by regions presented in miniatures
Portuguese architecture by regions presented in a doll houses village

Amazing little theme park located in the city of Coimbra, in the center of Portugal.

Portugal dos Pequenitos shows, in miniature, a number of examples of Portuguese regional houses and monuments. Ethnography and architecture of the former Portuguese colonies of Africa and Asia, are also presented through the miniatures. A glare for kids and adults!

Portugal dos Pequenitos is since June 8, 1940, the date of its inauguration, a ludic-pedagogic park intended essentially for children.

A living portrait of Portugal and the Portuguese presence in the world, Portugal dos Pequenitos is still today a historical and educational reference for many generations.

In addition to being a space for the approximation of cultures and the crossing of peoples, Portugal dos Pequenitos is also a qualified exhibition of sculptural and architectural art that, due to its miniature and minutiae, still enchant children, young people and adults.

Stay at the holiday villa Casa do Lago to visit the little theme park of "Portugal dos Pequenitos", which is located at ninety minutes driving distance away from the villa.

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