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Portugal is the third safest country in the world!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

According to the Global Peace Index for 2019, report generated from the Institute for Economics and Peace, Portugal is the third safest country in the world. It rose one position compared to the previous year. As in 2013 Portugal ranked 18th, it has continuously improving the tranquility and peaceful behavior of the population.

Portugal's 3rd place is followed by Austria, Denmark and Canada, while Germany comes in 22nd place and Spain in 32nd.

The institute also noted that the average level of global peace improved slightly, for the first time in five years. The average score for each country improved by 0.09%, with 86 countries experiencing an improvement and 76 aggravating.

The beach of Salir and Sao Martinho do Porto, in Portugal
The beach of Sao Martinho do Porto, in Portugal

The Global Peace Index, produced by the Institute of Economics and Peace, ranks 163 countries (99.7% of the world's population) according to 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators of peace.

According to the 13th Annual Global Peace Index (GPI) report prepared by the Institute for Economy and Peace in Sydney, Europe remains the most peaceful region in the world, with a slight improvement.

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