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Portugal crowned again as the World's Best Destination!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The tourism remains Portugal's strongest brand image, which has just won the 'Oscar' of the World's Best Destination for the third consecutive year in a row at the World Travel Awards (WTA), ceremony held in Muscat , capital of Oman.

In all, Portugal won 13 'tourism Oscars' in 2019, the way the World Travel Awards are known - which also included the election of Lisbon as "The World's Best City Break Destination", Madeira as " The best island destination in the world ", or the Paiva Walkways as" The best tourist attraction in the world in the adventure segment ".

Portugal returned this year to win the coveted 'oscar' best destination in the world, a prize for which countries such as neighboring Spain, but also Costa Rica, the Maldives, Malaysia, New Zealand or Vietnam were nominated. Dubai, South Africa or Kenya were other countries that were in this race, along with Vietnam, Sri Lanka, the United States, Jamaica, Brazil or Colombia.

In June of this year, Portugal had already been re-elected "The Best Destination in Europe" within the World Travel Awards, foreseeing that the price of the country was still rising to win the 'Oscar' of the world's best tourist destination.

"It is an honor to have received this award, which distinguishes the excellence of Portugal and the Portuguese," emphasizes the Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques, in a statement sent to the newsrooms, stressing that "we must all continue to work to reinforce the statement. Portugal ".


Turismo de Portugal was also elected for the third consecutive year the "Best Official Tourism Organization in the World". According to Luís Araújo, president of Turismo de Portugal, this 'oscar' "is nothing more than the recognition of the success affirming Portugal. as a tourist destination of excellence ".

The rain of 'Oscars' also reached the Sintra Parks, which for the seventh consecutive year garnered the award for "Best Conservation Company in the World."

Portugal should continue to beat tourism records in 2019, despite the slowdown in the economies of the main tourist markets, namely the German and British, the latter with the vicissitudes of Brexit.

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