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Glass Museum: the historical Englisht root of glass in Portugal.

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

To visit the Glass Museum in Marinha Grande is to relive the history of glass in Portugal, which is connected to the Stephen Brothers, English citizens moved to Portugal, 250 years ago.

The former Stephen Glass Factory, nowadays the Glass Museum
The former Stephen Glass Factory, nowadays the Glass Museum

This is a story that begins when Guilherme Stephens accepts a challenge from the Marquis of Pombal to reactivate the Royal Glass Factory in Marinha Grande.

There is still another story that needs to be told about this 15 years old English boy who embarked on a sailboat bound for Lisbon in 1746, who has lost his job in the 1755 earthquake, who after that builds a lime factory in Lisbon, and that ends up bankrupt, but rolls up its sleeves and turns Marinha Grande glass into a worldwide success. At the same time, he leaves a unique legacy, creating a school for workers, building a first aid post where sick or injured workers were treated free of charge, organizing a sickness aid fund, a pension plan, paid good wages, and also promoting music and theater for all.

Handycrafts at the Glass Museum, Silver Coast, Portugal
Handycrafts at the Glass Museum

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Museum contacts and address:

Palácio Stephens, Praça Guilherme Stephens

2430-262 Marinha Grande

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