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The World's best: Lisbon Oceanarium, a must see

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Lisbon aquarium at one hour from Casa do Lago Holiday Villa
Lisbon aquarium perspective

Check the link for more information about Lisbon Aquarium

Lisbon aquarium and Oceanarium
Ocean life in Lisbon Aquarium

Visit the link to learn more about the World's Best Aquarium Reward

The envoiroment of the different Oceans is recreated
The envoiroment of the different Oceans is recreated

A truly magnificent exhibition of the world's oceans, with plenty of leisure and educational interest for families.

Do not miss a visit to Lisbon Aquarium to give your family a fantastic memorable experience.

Lisbon aquarium is a wheelchair friendly facility.

Stay at the Holiday Villa Casa do Lago, to visit the Lisbon Oceanarium

Address and contacts of the Lisbon Aquarium:

Oceanario de Lisboa

Esplanada D. Carlos I - 1990 - 005 Lisboa

Phone: ++351 218 917 000

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