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The Jewish Heritage in Portugal

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Synagogue in Tomar, Portugal
Synagogue in Tomar, Portugal

Jews were one of the most important communities of the Iberian Peninsula during the Middle and Modern Ages, providing a huge contribution to the astronomy, medicine, mathematics as well as many other fields of science.

Knowledge provided by the Jewish Community has allowed to Portugal the beginning of a new Era of Discoveries and Maritime Globalization.

The expulsion of the Portuguese Jews followed by the establishment of the Inquisition was the greatest tragedy that struck Portugal, which very negative consequences were severely reflected in the following centuries, until today.

Nowadays the most remarkable points of the survival Jewish heritage in Portugal, are the towns of Belmonte, Guarda and Trancoso.

Jewish Castle of Belmonte, Portugal
Jewish Castle of Belmonte, Portugal

Portuguese Jews are unique: amazing survivors to the darkness of Inquisition times as young Christians, practicing crypt-Judaism.

Detail in the Castle of Belmonte, Portugal
Detail in the Castle of Belmonte, Portugal

The holiday villa Casa do Lago is the perfect base to visit the Jewish Heritage in Portugal.

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