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FOLIO - International Literary Festival of Obidos, October 01 - 11, 2020

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Stay at Casa do Lago, to profit from the literary town of Obidos
Obidos, a literary town in Portugal

Obidos is fast becoming a refuge for literature lovers"

The Yorkshire Evening Post features the town of Obidos, just some minutes from Casa do Lago, family holiday villa, in a good article (you find it here ).

The author, Juliette Bains, is intrigued by the fact that Obidos is becoming a "literature lovers paradise", thanks to a specific plan that is being implemented: " a small town on the outskirts of Lisbon is trying to re-write the story by putting books firmly back on the table. Obidos – a 45-minute drive from Lisbon – has just 3,000 inhabitants but is becoming a hub for avid readers.A stroll through the cobbled streets will take you past dozens of little shops, with many putting books at the forefront of their offering. Even the local greengrocer is seemingly set within a library, with shelf upon shelf of books stretching around every available space of the huge room. And just a stone’s throw from the main street, you’ll find the hotel that is leading the way when it comes to literature."

The area area around Casa do Lago is made interesting and fascinating by a unique mix of art, history, nature, sea, food and obviously climate and life-style.

If you are a literature lover with a passion for the most beautiful sea of Europe, please think about Casa do Lago for your next family holidays!

Visit the official website of the event of Obidos Literay Village

In 2015, the classification of Obidos as a Creative City of Literature by UNESCO affirmed the importance of this area as strategic for local and community development.

Today, with partners from the public and private sectors, Literary Village gains a dimension that goes beyond physical and language boundaries.


Bookstores list:

1. Santiago Bookshop The Church of Santiago, a temple that dates back to the 13th century and one of the most emblematic buildings of the town, is nowadays the bookshop Grande Livraria de Santiago.

Situated inside the town walls, in Cerca Velha, next to the castle entrance, this bookshop has a great variety of books, and it organises movie sessions, book releases and exhibitions. You can also have a tea or a coffee here.

Schedule: Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 21:00 – Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 to 19:00 Phone: +351 262 103 180 E-mail:

2. Biological Market Obidos Biological Market is housed in the former refectory of the Obidos Town Hall. This place also sells several biological products of the region. Her you can find old and rare books, as well as Travel, Gastronomy and Wine books.

Schedule: Friday and Saturday from 10:00 to 21:00 – Sunday to Thursday from 10:00 to 19:00 Phone:+351 262 103 180 E-mail:

3. Municipal Museum The Museum was opened on June 15th 1970. Here you will find books on History.

Schedule: Opened from 10:00 to 18:00 (closes on Mondays) Phone:+351 262 103 180 E-mail:

4. Abilio Museum The Arch House, today Casa Museu Abilio de Mattos e Silva, was donated to the Obidos Town Hall by Maria Jose Salavisa. This was the old Obidos prison, bought by a meaningless price by Abilio de Mattos e Silva around 1965. Maria Jose Salavisa saw this once house in ruins only with an arch over the street and fell in love with it, decorating it according to the spirit of the place, strongly influenced by the Medieval era. Here you can find books on Ilustration, Heritage and Old Books.

Schedule: Opened from 10:00 to 18:00 (closes on Mondays) Phone:+351 262 103 180 E-mail:

5. Nova Ogiva Gallery Known as Galeria Ogiva, this venue was created in 1970 in Obidos. The Gallery plays a very important role in the history of Obidos and its museums. It is the starting point for exhibitions and other cultural expressions associated with contemporary works.

Here you will find a bookshop, exhibitions, projections and performances.

Schedule: Opened from 10:00 to 18:00 (closes on Tuesdays) Phone:+351 262 103 180 E-mail:

6. Interior Design Centre The main goal of the Interior Design Centre, located next to the tower Torre do Facho, is to develop design, by promoting exhibitions, seminaries, conferences and theme-related meeting and thus bringing creators and public together. It has an auditorium, a bar, a design documentation archive, where you can see the works of Maria Jose Salavisa, the forerunner of interior design in Portugal. Books on Houses and Interior Design available.

Phone:+351 262 103 180 E-mail: geral@vilaliteraria.

7. Historias com bicho “O Bichinho do Conto” is a literary project designed to welcome readers from 0 to 200 years-old. This was a former primary school, built during the dictatorship from the 40’s to the 60’s of the 20th century. Children Books available.

Schedule: Opened from Thursday to Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00 Phone:+351 262 103 180 E-mail:

8. Livraria da Adega Housed in a wine cellar (“adega”), this bookshop is the perfect place to drink a literary coffee, a glass of wine or a comforting tea amidst old and new books.

Online Bookshop

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