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The huge abyss in Nazareth with the Sitio village built up to it's edge, Silver Coast, Portugal.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

The horizon dives vertically in the big cliff of Nazaré, near the villa Casa do Lago
The huge abyss of Sitio, in Nazareth, Portugal

Have your family holidays in portugal and visit the cliff of Nazareth
The big cliff of Nazareth. The village of Sitio is built up to it's edge

The beach of Nazare viewed from the Sitio, near to the holiday villa in portugal: casa do lago
The horizon dives vertically in front of the big cliff in Nazareth

A typical fishing village, Nazareth is today a busy summer resort that has kept its traditions linked to the sea.

The "Sitio", at the highest point of the village (which can be reached by a panoramic funicular) is without a doubt its best viewpoint. It is also linked to the cult of Our Lady of Nazareth which, according to the legend of the 13th century, The Lady of Nazareth was invoked by the "alcaide D. Fuas Roupinho", while chasing a deer, this way avoiding to be precipitate in the abyss, without possible salvation.

The connection of the people of Nazareth to the sea is well evident in the local handicrafts, in which are the nets, buoys, baskets and traditional dolls dressed in the typical costumes of seven skirts.

Stay at the nearby holiday villa Casa do Lago to visit Nazareth.

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