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The Gourgeous Library in the Convent of Mafra at Portugal

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

historical library of mafra, near the holiday villa Casa do Lago
A detail of the LIbrary of Mafra in Portugal

The impressive Library of Mafra, built in stunning wealth, is one of the most important historical and scenic libraries in the world.

Detail of Mafra's Library in the Silver Coast of Portugal
Detail of Mafra's Library in Portugal

In all, there are about 36,000 volumes from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries, most of them with leather bindings and gold inscriptions covering all areas of knowledge, from medicine to religion, from history to architecture, poetry, astronomy, cosmology, travel literature, biology and esotericism.

Historical Library of Mafra, Silver Coast, Portugal

Stay at the holiday villa Casa do Lago to visit the Historical Library of Mafra, which is located at 45 minutes from the villa.

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