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Disabled friendly Aeronautical Club with plenty of flying activities in the Silver Coast, Portugal

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Located in the Silver Coast region of Portugal, the Aeronautical Club of Torres Vedras, has a number of different flying leisure activities.

For more information, please check the Flying Club Website.

Aero Club, Silver Coast, Portugal
Disabled friendly aero club in the Silver Coast of Portugal

Adapted visits or activities for people with disabilities: Physical, cognitive, visual, hearing

Personal trainer available to support people with specific needs.

To enquiry the Aero Club, please email or call:

Phone: ++351 261 937 299

Mobile: ++351 969 825 812


Have your Portugal holidays in the  villa Casa do Lago to profit from the disabled friendly aero club activity
Disabled friendly flying club plane in action

Stay in the holiday villa Casa do Lago, to visit and experience the Flying Club activities.

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