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Conimbriga, the most important excavated Roman city in Portugal.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

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Ruins of the important Roman city of Conimbriga, Portugal

The excavated Roman city of Conimbriga is located in an ancient Roman military route that went from Olisipo (Lisbon) to Bracara Augusta (Braga).

The city was inhabited between the centuries IX BC and VII-VIII, of the Christian era.

When the Romans arrived, in the second half of the I BC, Conimbriga that was already a developing town, began to turn into a thriving city. In the reign of the Emperor Cesar Augusto (1st century), the city has experienced important urbanization works, highlighting the construction of the public baths and the Forum.

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Detail of Conimbriga, a Roman city in Portugal

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Conimbriga, the importan Roman city in Portugal

Conimbriga information by Wikipedia

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