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Christmas in Obidos medieval village: dive into a magical world!

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Stay at Casa do Lago Holiday Villa to Visit Obidos – Christmas Town – and enter a truly magical world! From, the beginning of December, Obidos fills up with light, colour and fantasy - transforming into a dreamlike setting where everyone – children and adults – can enjoy magical experiences, amongst a wide array of attractions and amusements.

Father Christmas’ House, the crib, performances, games, ice rink, inflatables – are just some of the many attractions that Obidos has in store for you, offering special moments ideal for the whole family.

The village of Obidos transports us to the magical and enchanting world of Christmas. From colorful decorations and scenery inspired by the Four Seasons of the year, to Quinta do Pai Natal passing through the Ice Bar, the Christmas Market and other entertainments, an event dedicated to the whole family. Come and have fun in this new edition of Obidos Vila Natal and save the memory of an unforgettable Christmas!

View of the Christmas Festivities at Obidos
Chistmas at the medieval village of Obidos

For further information:

The villa Casa do Lago is the perfect base to visit the Christmas Festivity at Obidos.

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