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Sweet teeth shall not to miss: The chocolate festival at Obidos, Portugal

Updated: Mar 29

Perspective of the International chocolate festival in Obidos, Portugal

Anyone with a sweet tooth shouldn’t miss the chance to take part in the International Chocolate Festival in Obidos. During several days the medieval town’s narrow streets will be transformed into genuine showcases of cakes and sweets that everyone can sample and purchase. For younger visitors, the “Kids’ Chocolate House” offers recreational and pedagogical activities and a kitchen where they can prepare several recipes. Adults can attend culinary classes where chocolate is always the base ingredient and also watch competitions involving professional pastry-makers, such as the “Chocolatier of the Year” and the “International Competition of Chocolate Recipes”, and also marvel at an array of chocolate sculptures – genuine works of art.

And please do not forget to taste the local traditional ginja liquor in a chocolate cup.

From the 25th April 2019 up to the 5th May 2019

Website: http://www.festivalchocolate.cm-obidos.pt

Stay at the local holiday villa Casa do Lago to visit the chocolate festival at Obidos

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