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Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of the European Continent, Portugal

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Stay at the villa Casa do lago to visit Cabo da Roca, the westernmost point of Europe
The westermost place of the European Continent

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Take advantage of your holidays in Portugal, to visit the westernmost point of the European Continent
Cabo da Roca lighthouse, at the westernmost point of Europe

Cabo da Roca is located at just one hour from the holiday villa Casa do Lago

Have your family holidays in Portugal to Cabo da Roca
"Cabo da Roca" Rock Cape, Europe westermost point

Don’t miss the chance to visit the westernmost point of mainland Europe, Cabo da Roca.

Located at latitude 38º 47´north and longitude 9º 30´west, Cabo da Roca is an important coordinate for those sailing along the coast, as it is the most westerly point of mainland Europe, a fact borne out by the certificates that visitors take away as a souvenir. Around 150 meters above the sea, here you can have a panoramic view over the Serra de Sintra and the coast, which makes it worth the visit. Historical records indicate that there was a fort on Cabo da Roca in the 17th century that played an important role in guarding the entrance to Lisbon’s harbor, forming a defensive line along the coast, especially during the Peninsular Wars. Today there are only traces of the fort, however the lighthouse still remains important for the navigation. Cabo da Roca lies within the Parque Natural de Sintra-Cascais and is one of the most interesting points of the walking trails that can be followed along the coast.

Source: visitportugal

Stay at the nearby holiday villa Casa do Lago to visit Cabo da Roca

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