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Dinosaur Park of Lourinha, among the biggest Theme Parks in Europe!!!

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Wheelchair accessible museum, at just 30 minutes away from the holiday villa Casa do Lago.

Located in the Silver Coast, the Dinosaur Park is the biggest open air museum in Portugal!!

One hundred full-size dinosaur models are installed at one of Europe's largest dinosaur theme parks, the Dinosaur Parc of Lourinha, which is open to the public since February 2018.

In the first construction phase, the Dino Parque has occupied 10 of the 30 hectares of land where the old municipal trash worked before. Four different routes, corresponding to different periods, are available for people to visit: Cretaceous, Jurassic, Triassic and Paleozoic.

Dino Park at Lourinha, Portugal

Among the dinosaurs and from the Upper Jurassic (about 150 million years ago), are the herbicide 'diplodocus', with more than 20 meters long and the carnivorous 'torvosaurus' (eight meters).

From the Cretaceous (between 145 and 66 million years ago), are the carnivorous 'neovenator' theropod (six meters) or the herbivore 'parasaurolophus' (eight meters).

Some of the 120 models are dinosaurs whose fossils were found in Lourinha and gave rise to new species, such as the carnivore "torvossaurus tanneri", whose skull - a jaw and several 20-centimeter teeth - was partly discovered in the cliffs of the county.

Jurassic recreation at the Dino Park in Lourinha, Portugal

In recent decades, paleontologists have discovered fossils of dinosaurs belonging to several species and the largest nest of dinosaurs with the earliest embryos ever found, which added Lourinha to the world's leading paleontology group.

Entrance of the Dino Park at Lourinha, Portugal

In addition to the dinosaur models, the Dino Park have other attractions:

Visitors have the opportunity to watch fossil preparation in the laboratory (by paleontologists), to visit the museum (where fossils of dinosaurs will be exposed) and a pavilion with various activities for children: from discoveries, research, excavations of fossils or paintings of dinosaurs.

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The excellence of Portugal was prized and world wide voted as the "2017, 2018 and 2019 Worlds Leading Destination", which reward has never been assigned before to an European Country. 



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