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The Village of Baleal, located in a former island connected to shore by fantastic beaches.

Updated: Jul 29, 2020

Baleal beach, near the holiday villa Casa do Lago
Baleal beach connecting the Baleal former island to land

The isthmus of Baleal has the most beautiful beaches of the western region. It is a landmark of Portuguese surf, visited by surfers from around the world, looking for some of the best glues in the region.

This place is one of the most pleasant to stay on the beach, enjoy a good book on the terrace or simply look out to the magnificent surrounding landscape. A few dozen of years ago, it was an island.

For the younger it is the perfect place to enjoy an amusing night in one of the beach bars / terraces right on the seashore.

Baleal former Island and village, linked to the continent by the beach behind
View from the Baleal village and former Island

Stay at the holiday villa Casa do Lago to visit Baleal.

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