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The world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge waits for you in Portugal

Updated: May 9, 2021

the spectacularity of this supension bridge in Portugal
Just imagine the sensations of crossing this bridge

It is 175 meters above the Paiva River rapids, connecting 516 meters of distance between the banks of Canelas and Alvarenga.

The new built 516 Arouca Bridge, pointed out as the largest suspended pedestrian structure in the world, has oppened recently to visitors looking for the radical and spectacular experience of crossing it.

Connecting 516 meters of distance between the banks of Canelas and Alvarenga, this new equipment in Portugal is secured by concrete and steel structures, arranged 175 meters above the rapids of the Paiva River and integrates a metal railing board that, in addition to being permeable to the wind, also allows you to observe in depth the scenery under the feet.

For Verónica Bernardo, a municipal tourism technician who was testing the experience on the new bridge with small previous guided visits, it is the vertical angle of the view provided through this grid that most makes the structure "frighteningly beautiful".

"As a result of my work [of preparation], I have already made the crossing several times - in light rain conditions, in foggy conditions, in sunny conditions - and it is almost like the Passadiços do Paiva: each of these moments is unique and worth. The less adventurous may feel a little nervous at first, but soon that passes with the spectacularity of the landscape ", she told.

On this pre-inaugural tour, Verónica began by emphasizing that the entire landscape around the bridge is a geopark and part of the Natura 2000 Network. The structure crosses the Garganta do Paiva valley and is located next to Cascata das Aguieiras, whose waters fall on a riverbed that, because it is granitic, forces the river to deviations and particularly revolting curves.

Fernando Vieira listened to these explanations anxiously. Even before crossing the bridge, he had already argued that the experience was going to be "spectacular" and announced that there were no nerves to hold him back. "Anyone will enjoy making the crossing, through the landscape and all the surroundings", he declared, anticipating that the expected influx of visitors to the place will constitute an asset for the region where he lives.

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