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Pool fence in the villa Casa do Lago: transparent, solid, with 1,20 / 1,50 meters high.

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Large area surrounded by the pool fence, offering twelve sun loungers and three sun shades.

This fantastic infinity pool measures twelve meters long by five meters wide (including the child's pool area).

Enjoy tranquility and peace of mind, providing safety for your kids.

Solid and transparent pool fence, measuring 1,5 meters hight
Fence of the pool front side, which measures one meter and a half high

The pools are playful places that provide good moments of relaxation for your whole family, but it is essential that they are equipped in order to provide security and tranquility.

Holidays are a very special occasion to get rid of daily stress and regain energy. Don't let those moments turn into a nightmare. Rent one villa with fenced pool, to provide comfort and peace of mind for your holiday.

Villa with heated and private pool, all gated, 12 sun loungers
Pool gated area in Casa do Lago, which lockers only can be open by an adult

Please visit our website for more information about Casa do Lago.

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