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Kite surf school in the Kite paradise of Foz do Arelho, Portugal

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Kite surf lessons are now available on the beach of Obidos Lagoon / Foz do Arelho, located in the Silver Coast region of Portugal.

Disabled kite surfers are welcome, although depending on the kind of disability.

Kite surf activity near the holiday villa Casa do Lago
Kite surf in Foz do Arelho beach, located in front of Casa do Lago

Stay with your family at the holiday villa Casa do Lago to profit from a great kitesurf experience on the kite paradise of beach of Foz do Arelho and the adjacent sea branch of the calm and shallow waters of the Obidos Lagoon.

Do not miss the opportunity to enjoy from this superb kite paradise in Portugal!

Kite School contacts:


+351 912 757 940 / info@kitecontrolportugal.com


Bairro 25 lote 8,

2510-662 Vau-Óbidos,


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