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Large footprint of giant dinosaurs discovered in Portugal.

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

Footprint tracks made by big dinosaurs, at one hour from Casa do Lago
Footprint tracks made by big dinosaurs

In a quarry at the Silver Coast of Portugal and at just one hour from the holiday villa Casa do Lago, near the Sanctuary of Fatima, have been found more than 15 dinosaur tracks with more than 200 footprints. Two of these tracks measures more than 140 meters long and the longest has 90 footprints.

This discover together with some other recently ones, has turned Portugal as a world's leading region of dinosaur footprints assets. Although the discovery dates from 180 million years ago, which correspond to Middle Jurassic times, some of the footprints seems to be fresh, according to some paleontologist opinions.

Dinosaur footprint measuring one meter diameter
Dinosaur footprint measuring one meter diameter

In the Middle Jurassic period, Britain, Canada and the Iberian Peninsula were together, whilst the Iberian peninsula was on the shores of a Proto-Atlantic.

The footprints were made by long-necked herbivorous dinosaurs, measuring up to 30 meters long and weighed around 25 tonnes. This discovery helps to understand the anatomy of these giant sauropods. In fact instead of just bones, we have now the shape of the feet and a clear impression of the fingers.

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