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Guide to the best beaches of the Silver Coast of Portugal

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

We have prepared for you a guide to the best beaches of the Silver Coast near Casa do Lago: the good thing is that there are some of the really best of them in a radius on some 30 miles from Casa do Lago family holiday villa. The bad thing is that you risk to have not enough time to visit all of them!

We are sure that you and your family will find your preferred beach in the Silver Coast among those we selected for you: in fact, everyone of them has original and unique characteristics! You have the double beach of Foz do Arelho (both Ocean and Lagoon), the therapeutic beach of Praia da Consolacao, the shell-shaped bay and giant dune of Sao Martinho do Porto, the surf and family paradise of Baleal and many others.

Please not that the Foz do Arelho beach is just some minutes (bike or car) from Casa do Lago: actually, it is the beach that you can see from the villa!

We listed the best and major ones, but, you can have different desires about your perfect beach, so please drop us a message and we will help you in finding the best beach for you around Casa do Lago!

Please visit our specific page to get more information from our guide to the best beaches of the Silver Coast.

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